Wednesday, January 28, 2009

one last thing...

...before I say goodnight. Didja hear about the lady who birthed 8 babies yesterday? That's a LITTER. That's not a birth; that's a jumbo order. There were only supposed to be 7, but the 8th popped out, SURPRISE! I assume the shock of that 8th baby is what caused the mother to decide to BREASTFEED all 8 of them. She was so shocked and thus totally berserk. I wondered exactly how she'd accomplish such a feat. In fact, it kinda kept me up last night. It seems physically impossible. I mean, did she grow an udder while she was pregnant?

Today, the answer. I wish I'd never read it. I. Wish. I'd. Never. Read. It. The hospital announced today that "Five of the newborns are already feeding from bottles of donated breast-milk." Let me repeat that, in case you didn't catch it the first time: "...DONATED BREAST-MILK."

Ponder THAT. Gah.

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nerdpulse said...

all i have to say about that is "clown car".

I'm all done here.