Saturday, January 24, 2009

Filth flarn filth

You know it's gonna be an interesting day when you have to brace yourself to leave your bedroom in the morning. I knew what awaited me in the rest of the house. Pig sty. Matthew's overnight hanging out with the guys thingy has taken over the entire house & has sent Rudy to hide behind the couch. There are boys covering every inch of furniture & wherever there isn't a boy, there's a mountain of pop cans.

I also have a feeling they played some sick game of double dog dare ya in the kitchen last night. There's a congealed concoction in a cup on the counter that looks like toxic waste but smells like chocolate syrup & Worcestershire sauce. I didn't even bother to ask any questions. I just plugged my nose & dumped it out.

There's a good chance it'd be easier to move out of our house than it will be to clean it.

I should've stayed in bed and refused to come out until all the kids who didn't come out of me are gone.

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