Friday, January 23, 2009

are any of them hot?

I talked on the phone to my 10 year old niece tonight. I told her Matthew has six of his friends over tonight to play video games. She asked how old his friends are. I said twelve. She asked "Are any of them hot?"

I have two problems with this: #1) isn't it illegal to try to decide if your 12 year old son's 12 year old friends are "hot"? And B) she's TEN. She should still be playing Barbie and dress up and friggin' tea party with her damn stuffed rhinoceros or something. Watching re-runs of flippin' Winnie the Pooh. Gah.

Matthew is most definitely GIRL CRAZY. He classifies his "relationships" with girls as such:
"just flirting", which to him means batting his eyelashes, and to the girls it means setting up a glowing Matthew shrine in the back of their closet.

"just texting", which to him means sending text messagess like "idk, brb, lol" or something, crap I don't know, but as far as the girl is concerned, he's saying, I would like very much to meet your father and ask for your hand in marriage in the very near future.

And then there's the "she's hot" - this results in him talking on the phone for HOURS at a time, taking his phone in his room & texting until dawn, and "taking a walk", which takes him RIGHT PAST the hot girl's house, back and forth, back and forth, until she notices him and comes out to visit. He came into my room tonight and said, Mom. Evelyn's parents said that tomorrow they might let me come inside.

A wedding can't be far off.

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Kate Wille said...

Ahh, the joys of adolescence. I remember those days, but walking by my crushes' house consisted of getting a ride to their street and making mom wait for me while I walked by. Hmm... no wonder it never happened! :o)