Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Phantom Awesome-ness

So scientists announced that people still feel "phantom fat" even after dramatic weight loss. They maintain a "larger than life" self image and this feeling can linger until their "brain catches up to reality".

Well. Well well well. So THAT'S why, 20 years after high school, the guy down the street still thinks he looks awesome in his letterman's jacket. And his 1986 t-top Camaro with the gold eagle decal on the hood? Still awesome. Poor little guy's BRAIN just hasn't caught up with REALITY.

And that lady at the grocery store who thinks it's still 1989 and frosted mall bangs are what ALL the cool kids are wearing, and seems to have no idea that her size 10 stonewashed jeans with the zippers at the cuff should've been retired about they time she had her 2nd kid. It's not her fault.

Gotta give these folks a break. They're simply suffering from "Phantom Awesome-ness". It's science, people. Look it up.

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