Sunday, February 27, 2011

Get your buckets ready!

I don't like things rough. I like them silky smooth and predictable. I like things that are easy to clean up and wrapped in pretty packaging. I like peace and quiet and order and regularly scheduled programming.

The last year has been decidedly rougher than I normally like it. In fact, it's been alot like getting rammed in the corn-hole by an over-zealous cell mate named Beefstick Joe.

But things are starting to look up and when that happens, my disposition will turn from grim exhaustion to sunny optimism and then...WATCH OUT. Rainbows will shoot outta my ass and if you hold your bucket just right, you just might catch some.

Don't worry; I'm actively taking steps toward full-on Rainbow Ass. Currently the only color I'm shootin' is purple. Stand by for red.

1 comment:

{raisingAlexis} said...

You tell it, girl! in fact, it sounds like you are telling MY story but with much more oomph!