Sunday, July 5, 2009

cholesterol is for sissies!

When it comes to food, Steven has very specific requirements. If it's salad, it better be covered bacon bits and buttery croutons. If it's a vegetable, it better be deep fried and dipped in ranch. His theory is that every food on the planet can be made edible by adding one or more of three things: cheese, ranch, or peanut butter. Cholesterol? Pah.

So. It shouldn't have surprised me when I opened the kitchen cupboard this morning and discovered this:

McDonald's is currently running a promotion: get a free Coca Cola glass with each Super Sized value meal. My cupboard is evidence that Steven believes his arteries are tougher than Chuck Norris, Dirty Harry, and Alaska combined.

At this rate, somehow I think my attempt to fool him by replacing the 1% milk with skim just isn't gonna make that much of a difference.

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Kate Wille said...

seriously, at this rate you're going to have to replace all the food in the house with AIR! Yikes.